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Greetings and Salutations to you all!

We wanted to give all of our players an update on what has been happening with our development on the game.

As of our previous event, we are now delaying the release of ALL MYTHARA LARP Books and Cards Products, hopefully, only for another 90 days. The biggest reason we are deciding to delay the release of the game, is due to player feedback. We have had so many adjustment requests, that we are now adding even more content into the game!

We understand how most of you feel, waiting for a game that has been in the works for almost 15 years! It has been a long journey for us so far, and we anticipate this game to deliver a never-ending service to players to enjoy for years to come. This post will be thorough, so sit back and grab your favorite drink and munchies!


Q: When will Mythara LARP Be Released?

A: Our guess is as good as yours at this point :mrgreen: , just kidding we plan to have this out by the end of the year, at Around Xmas Time.

Q: Will this directly effect the Howell / Brighton, MI Chapter Scheduled Events?

A: NO-- We are still hosting a September 17th & 18th, 2021 Event at the Brighton Recreation, MI State Park, located in Howell, MI. By the way, the Player Levels are up to date as of 08/22/2021.

Q: Will this directly effect the Howell / Brighton, MI Chapter Rules?

A: The Howell / Brighton, MI Chapter is on the forefront of the rules system, and is currently shaping the latest rules set of Mythara LARP. So if you are at all looking to help mold the game before its release, now would be a good time to join our ranks!

Q: Were There Any Other Reasons for the Delay of MYTHARA LARP?

A: There are a few reasons:

1: We Experienced Multiple Floods between June and July 2021, that Damaged our Development Equipment at our headquarters. Recovery was difficult, but we are back up and running now.
2: We are Relocating beginning September 1st, 2021 and moving to a more remote location. This location will house stronger, more reliable internet as the internet has been out at our previous location numerous times since the floods began.
3: We are also going through growing pains with the card printing company. Due to this, we are now re-making our cards to avoid any formatting issues and future-proof any later development and better streamline development time overall. The Total Number of Cards is in Excess of 500+.

Q: Exactly What New Content is Being Implemented Into Mythara LARP Before its Release?

A: We are introducing a new Feats System to help Players feel More Heroic than they currently are. We are also providing new images and cards for the additional content, so please give us time to finish them. We are also further revising the core system due to the additional content. We want to make sure that our players experience a good, quality product.

There are many things that came to light from our previous event, one of which is how we are currently presenting our content. There is nothing wrong with most of the content, however after launch, we will be branching off the current page to provide an entirely new set of products.

We are not sure what we will be calling them, perhaps Quest or Adventure Packs. These packs will include a themed adventure book that includes unique, scaleable quests, and possibly hand-picked Race, Class, Monster, Event, and Item cards to match the theme as well. Some example themes could be The Chaos Crusade, Arabian Sands, or Trials of the Light.

We are not taking away products that we are currently offering, because we feel that the Game Masters and Collectors alike will resonate towards those products more as they encompass the entire compendium of content. There will never be enough quest packs that contain all the Magic Items and Equipment offered by MYTHARA LARP. The Quest Packs are moreover designed for players that seek more entertainment, but in the end receive pre-packaged items appropriate to the adventure.

We are also Planning on making a scaleable Event Deck, one that will provide sets of fortune, adventuring hazards, and traps for the players to endure while questing. We are working toward providing images for all of that content as well, which of course will take more time. Even more Cards being made will also be for the split level system to assist players in keeping track of additional level bonuses.

Looking at the grander scale of things: We are planning on what we need to now, so that we can better accommodate the players as a whole later.

WHEW! Well everyone, that about sums it all up on what has been happening with the "Dormant" Development Company, Mythril Werks (More Like Diamond in the rough :D ) And another thing, SIGN UP ON THE FORUM BOARDS WILL YA?

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