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Calling all Adventurers! Put down your pencils and dice and get equipped for a live experience! In the Mythara Live Action Role Playing Game, you take on the role of your favorite fantasy character in real life! Choose your race and class, grab the relative cards (Sold Separately) and get right to playing.

The Book Store is LIVE and we are currently taking pre-orders for all product!
The digital version of the Core Rules are now available to you, completely FREE of charge!

FREE CORE RULES PDF AT mytharagame.com in the downloads tab. ALL PDFS ARE NOW SENT TO YOU ASAP UPON PLEDGE AS OF 5/15/2021!


Mythara Starter Kit

Starter Kit and Books

In the Mythara Live Action Role Playing Game, you take on the role of your favorite fantasy character in real life whether for cosplay table top or live action play!


Book Content Previews You will easily learn how to appropriately go about role playing in a vast fantasy world of mythical creatures and magic. Want to run your own game or expand your content? Look no further than the Mythara LARP official book releases!


Mythara Card Decks Card Decks

Choose your race and class, grab the relative cards and get right to playing. Mythara was made for groups of all sizes as those interested in starting to run their very own events can easily and freely do so.


Cards easily identified by custom backs and related images from book content! For players of all ages, creating a character and getting stronger through game play is as easy as looking at your relative cards, no character sheet or advanced mathematics are necessary to play, understand or advance a character. You also have the option of playing Table Top RPG rules through this system!

Presented Product Details!
Core Rule Book and Expansion Books: Softcover, Full Color, Premium Quality. Around 60 Pages of content in each book. Necessary for play is the Core Players Handbook.

Mythara LARP Books: Additional character creation content can find the Complete Player Expansion to include all playable races, classes, and roles not included in the Core Players Handbook. The Game Masters Guide is the backbone to the structure of an event and will help guide you in your mission to create an unforgettable experience! With the Creature Codex in hand, a game master is sure to become lost in thought reading the lore, backgrounds, cultures, and behaviors of all creatures he could use for encounters during a quest. We have also purposely included our complete rules to Mythara LARP on Table Top in the Creature Codex as it seems to be a key component to running your own game on table top.

Race, Class, and Role Cards: The Core Players Handbook has a relative Core Essentials Deck. This 90 ct. Deck provides players with all race, class, and role cards necessary to play their character. All Complete Player Expansion material is also presented in a 120 ct. Deck of its own, respectively called the Complete Player Expansion Deck. Key features include Fully Detailed Images For an immersive experience! Clearly Shows race and class summaries even as a player progresses!

Item Cards: Items show all simple to understand statistics and summaries including bonuses, weapon type, damage type, and even requirements to use if necessary. There are many items an adventurer could want, and for that reason we're presenting all items from the Core Players Handbook in two decks, the Basic Equipment 90 ct. Deck which includes all listed weapons and armor, and the Basic Items 90 ct Deck which supplies players with all other items listed in the Core Players Handbook. Ability Cards: Easy to understand reference cards for character abilities. This is a 90 ct deck which consists of all skills including magic like abilities granted through a players chosen race and class. Magic Item Cards: Powerful Magic Items to use or reward players with! There are two magic item decks, each 120 ct, one for Weapons and Armor and one For all other magic items and accessories!

Coin Cards: Complete the way your players use economics with currency! This 120 ct. deck includes multiple copies of copper, silver, gold, and platinum. Creature Codex Cards: A 72 ct. Deck including all Animal, Monster and Beast Races and Classes presented in the Creature Codex can be found in the Creature Codex Deck. To cut cost this product includes a single copy of each Creature Codex race and class card as we have found that most groups won't need additional Creature Codex Cards initially but are available if necessary.

Card Decks: Full Color, Premium Quality, printed in the same settings as many professional trading card games are printed. Each deck of cards will be enough to supply 6 or more players for their adventuring career. We have supplied multiples of specifically commonly used cards in decks for this purpose and each deck is also assigned card counts (ct) of 72, 90, and 120 depending on the content required for the purpose of each particular deck.*Additional product copies available through "Add-Ons" when you choose a backing tier!

Below is a common example of how combat typically works in most larps. Our combat has evolved from this over the past decade of course; This is an older video from 2011 of an older larp owned by Mythrilwerks LLC. and created by the same game creator as the Mythara LARP game system.

Find us on mytharagame.com for additional images and videos of larping events we have previously ran for different game systems and examples of play. For all questions or concerns post to our forum boards!

Our mission is and has been to create the most fair live action role playing game system money can buy. Key qualities of the game are firstly the customization. We like people to feel as unique as possible while on the field. Secondly is even with all the content being released, and all the possibilities for a player to choose from, we offer the MOST understandable and ease of play fantasy LARP on the market, making players still feel great and fully understand the game even at their first or much later game sessions.

The Mythara Game System has never been crowd funded. We would like to see how many people out there really want a "standard" for a LARP game system to present to the gaming community as a whole. Your funds will pay for all revisions necessary to release a product that is nearly 4 years in the making and uses the methods of today for a broader gaming crowd, including our 4 full premium color books with enticing images and other products such as cards for reference as this game calls for no complicated math or necessary character sheets; all of the information is summarized on cards for the player; furthermore cheap written "tags" are not used for treasure awards; we have entire decks of cards dedicated as "Item" and "Magic Item" cards, all with simple to understand summaries and premium images printed in the same quality as today's amazing trading cards.

With many veterans on board, including our team leader who has been making game systems for well over two decades, we have the final products ready for our first major published print release. However, as with all projects, everything costs money to produce a good and professional gaming experience. If funded we would also like to be able to create more for the game, including an advanced character creation and epic characters book as well as fully documented campaign books!

Players are able to attend game sessions in different areas, meaning they may take their character from one place to another. Currently we have a product line of around 15 products ready for production print to run your full larping event whether in your own back yard or at campgrounds or large events.

In short, we WANT to keep going and hope you want to see the magic of Mythara in your hands and continue to deliver more content and grow for our consumers and players. We thank you very much for this opportunity and hope you enjoy the Mythara game system as much as we have so far as we host our own events as well!

For larger crowds we suggest obtaining additional decks, Core players Handbooks and possibly additional Complete Players Expansion material to supply for your masses. *Additional product copies available through "Add-Ons" when you choose a backing tier!

*Backers be advised that shipping prices are normally free and included in our backing prices but check the "tier reward" and "add-on" before backing please!

*You WILL need to acquire the necessary cosplay and larp safe weapons to use this system, as specified in the Core Players Handbook.

*For the tabletop conversion rules, included in the creature codex as players rarely run games without monsters and animals as encounters, you will need standard 6 sided dice. Also a play mat and models are suggested, as we are selling a rules system primarily for live play and if popular we may expand available tabletop content including plans for miniatures and perhaps even a complete package as we've always wanted to be involved in the tabletop market as a whole as well!

Risks and challenges Our team is extremely experienced and promise to deliver a finished product that you will all have the opportunity to enjoy! The only risk we take is not being able to fund our project which pays for our initial print run and future developments. Revisions on rules are very rare beyond the 2021 rulebook as game masters are free to do what they need to for their personal groups and chapters. Despite this freedom, we will ensure that the game has errata if necessary to keep the game fun and fair for everyone to enjoy!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter Environmental commitments Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices. Long-lasting design The information never leaves the pages no matter the condition of your book and errata will be available for free after release in the form of a printable download making buying "newer versions" of the book optional.

Reusability and recyclability These are highly reusable items and there should be no real reason to throw them out. Books are of premium quality and all cards come prepackaged in their respective boxes which help keep your cards organized as your players can always return them at the end of an event or keep them to take home and bring with them to the next event! If you don't want your books anymore someone out there will as we have seen even the oldest of gaming books sold on the market even today.

Environmentally friendly factories We only choose environmentally friendly print shops for our products as we care as much about the environment as we do the project the outdoors is where we use the product after all.

Sustainable Distribution Our chosen print company is ready to print the order for all rewards and our team has the capability to supply Mythara LARP goods and handle and ship as soon as we get the items in from the print company!